BV 140

All that is required for operation of the WILMS BV 140 Heater, is a fuel filled can and an electric supply of 230V. The BV 140 can be easily transported via carrying handles on both sides and the chimney can be stowed away on top of the heater. At the location of operation the chimney just needs to be connected to the outlet, the electrical plug connected and the suction line placed into the fuel supply.

The special thermostat for use in humidity is perfectly protected by a removable housing. A warm air hose 7.6m (Optional) can be connected with an adaptor (Optional) to spot heat particular areas.

Technical Data

  • Heat Output (Kw)                                        25

  • Chimney Diameter (mm)                           150

  • Voltage (V)                                                230

  • Air Volume (m3/h)                                   1500

  • Fuel Consumption (l/h)                              2.3​

  • Weight (Kg)                                                 90


(H x W x D) (mm)  –  1240 x 560 x 620


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