Floortec R 360

You can cover large areas of floors or carpets as well as fit into tight spaces such as an elevator or narrow aisle. Perfect ergonomics, user-friendly operation and low maintenance costs are among other significant advantages. The FLOORTEC R 360 means dust-free and trouble-free sweeping 365 days a year.


Technical Data

  • Power Source                                                  Battery 24v

  • Working Speed (Km/H)                                                 5.5

  • Max Climbing Rate (%)                                                  16

  • Hopper Volume (L)                                                         50

  • Working Width (mm)                                                  1000

  • Main Broom (mm)                                              600 x 265

  • Side Broom (mm)                                                         420

  • Weight (Kg)                                                                  144


(L x W x H) (mm)  – 1255 x 795 x 1155

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