code 2514

Equipped with:

  • 3ph model 15-200 bar
  • Electric motor (hollow shaft) with thermal protector
  • Triplex pump with ceramic plungers connecting rod system
  • Brass head pump
  • Pressure regulator with built in detergent suction
  • Fuel, water and detergent filters
  • 24ltr fuel tank
  • Pressure gauge and thermostat
  • Safety valve
  • Water tank, high pressure chemical and steam valve
  • 10m HP hose with screw coupling
  • Lance, gun, nozzle

TSI system which includes;

  • Time delayed auto stop/start 3sec delay on boiler start-up
  • Stop after 1 hour of total stop
  • Stop for leak detection
  • Stop for lack of water
  • Stop for overheating
  • Warning light to advice of machine malfunction
  • Burner shutdown in case of lack of fuel

Information Sheet/s

Hynox 112

Entirely made of stainless steel, Hynox represents the new generation of high pressure cleaner. Designed to fully satisfy not only the operator for its ease of use, for its security systems (TSI and TQC systems) and the peculiarity of having all the features and controls at hand and at sight, but also for the maintenance technician who will have all the components immediately accessible by simply removing the cover.


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