NVDQ 570

The NVDQ 570 is a Duplex two motored machine equipped with our TwinFlo two stage industrial motors providing unrivalled performance standards. Its compact size makes it ideal for numerous trades where it must frequently be moved from place to place such as builders, shop fitters, contractors etc.
Structofoam is a unique material specification that has superb strength and impact resistance allowing machines to be truly rugged yet without a weight penalty.

Technical Data

  • Motor                                     2xTwinflo

  • Motor Power (W)                        2×960

  • Airflow (l/s)                                        96

  • Capacity (l)                                       23

  • Voltage (V)                                      230

  • Weight (Kg)                                      16


L x W x D (mm) – 415 x 415 x 645

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