Omega 4

The OMEGA 4 is a 4.5 bar medical steam cleaning machine which, like the OMEGA 8, has been designed and built specifically for the health industry.

The OMEGA 4 is an ideal machine where cleaning requirements are not as demanding as those requiring the OMEGA 8, being lighter and easier to maneuver than its’ larger counterpart. The OMEGA 4 is also made from powder coated Zintec steel and is durable, lightweight and compact.

Surfaces are left dry after cleaning thanks to the machines integral vacuum system, and it has also been certified in removing many super bugs – including MRSA.

Technical Data

  • Steam (bar)                                                           4.5

  • Vacuum Tank (l)                                                     12

  • Water Tank (l)                                                        2.5

  • Boiler Capacity (l)                                                  1.8

  • Detergent Tank (l)                                 2.5 (external)

  • Voltage (V)                                                           240

  • Weight (Kg)                                                            30


L x W x H (mm) 800 x 400 x 820


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