code 2549

Equipped with:

  • Triplex pump with ceramic plungers connecting rod system, brass head pump (Interpump or AR pump)
  • Pressure regulator
  • Fuel, water and detergent filters
  • Pressure gauge and thermostat
  • Safety valve
  • Two 230V independent high efficiency vertical stainless steel AISI 430 boilers with refractory cement base
  • 24V control panel
  • 1 flow switch
  • Galvanized steel chassis with fuel tank and water tank
  • HP detergent suction probe
  • 10/15HP IE3 high efficiency electric motor
  • Flexible coupling
  • Steam valve
  • 10m HP hose with screw coupling
  • Lance, gun, nozzle

TSI security system including:

  • Time delayed auto stop start 3 seconds delay on boiler start-up
  • Stop for lack of water
  • Stop for leak detection
  • Stop after 1 hour in total stop
  • Burner shutdown in case of lack of fuel

Information Sheet/s

Robot 2

State of the art hot water high efficiency pressure washer for intensive use. Top efficiency for heavy duty industrial cleaning. Equipped with 2 high efficiency boilers with a refractory cement base and stainless steel boiler head and cylinder. This type of unit is well used in situations where a high hot water flow is needed for a high decreasing power. Particularly suitable for washing large tanks and containers and other applications where large hot water volume is required.


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