code 5128

(Recommended for surfaces from 2.500 to 4.000 m2)

Equipped with:

  • Anti-knock right side
  • Right side brush engaging lever (next to the operator)
  • Perimetral bumpers and angular front wheels
  • Comfortable control panel
  • Adjustable seat
  • Lift-flap pedal
  • Service and parking break
  • Suction lock
  • Filters electric buzzer
  • Refuse container capacity 62 litres
  • Flashing light
  • Hour counter
  • Horn
  • Superplastic rubber wheels
  • Liftings hooks
  • Centrifuge clutch for cold engine starting model S70 code 5129 / SD70 code 5130
  • Battery level indicator model SE70 code 5128


  • Reverse acoustic buzzer 100dB
  • Overhead protection
  • Polyester filters
  • Left side brush
  • Electric Assisted Discharge Device of dust container DSA – a new assisted discharge device of the dust container until 1.100 mm higher and with the possibility to unload the content in a plastic bag (can be ordered with machine only)

Information Sheet/s


S70 is compact man-on board sweeper suitable to clean medium and large spaces both inside and outside. The S70 frame is made by iron and, moreover, a perimeter moulding defends the risk points. The very careful design gives to S70 solidity and unity without renouncing to comfort. Aspiration, filtrating surface and filters – these three features, are the very essence of a motor-sweeper. They have always been an essential point and S70 has a high aspiration due to the high fun’s rotation speed and to the large filtrating surface; this is realised with 6 cylindrical filters which total surface is of 6 m² with an electric buzzer for a more efficient and deep cleaning. The tip-up bonnet makes easy any maintenance, minimised thanks to the easy and regular structure of S70. The refuse container has an effective capacity of 62 litres and can be easily removed thanks to a wheeled frame.


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