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SC UNO 5M- 200/1050
L 400/3/50 EU

Stationary 1-pump high pressure washers for flexible cleaning

SC UNO 5M- 200/1050
L 400/3/50 EU

The SC UNO range of industrial stationary cold water high pressure washers is made up of the 5M, 5M L, 6P and 7P models. The range has been designed with new innovative steps to meet the specific hygiene needs and to meet heavy-duty cleaning challenges with convincing performances. Furthermore, intuitive user functions and the opportunity to customise the machines with equipment suited for your environment ensure high productivity.

The ideal and powerful choice

The SC UNO models introduce a new innovative hard foam cabinet which meets specific hygiene demands (e.g. within the food industry) and the foam material also reduces the noise level. Together with the new simple control panel, it makes all models ideal for numerous indutries. For use in agriculture in milking sheds and stables. For the food and pharma industry with processing equipment, conveyors, and tanks. For shipping and industry with ship decks, bulkheads, and industrial equipment. In rental, retail, trade, building and construction, and car washes etc. Even oil and grease can be removed thanks to the hot water inlet and high-pressure detergent injector. Low pump oil warning lamp, service warning lamp and hour counter comes as standard.

Customize for your environment

  • Choose a basic or more feature packed model to meet your specific needs
  • Extra features;  full stainless steel frame; high-pressure detergent injector; coin box, water brake tank, accessory storage kit
  • Dry run/low water safety and inlet water safety kit.
  • Further customization: Can be configured with PCB electronic controls enabling optional equipment such as remote control, coin boxes, and frost protection.
  • Optional add-ons to fulfill EU norm 1717: Water break tank and BA valve.

SC UNO 6P & 7P – Quality to perform

  • NA6 and C3 high-quality heavy industrial motor pumps with brass pump heads
  • 1450 rpm; 4 full ceramic pistons and double roller bearings
  • The industrial pumps make it possible to feed the units with hot inlet water from 70°C (with break tank) to 85°C (direct feed) for max. cleaning efficiency

SC UNO 5M Light – Customize your task

  • Powered by 1450 rpm (50 Hz) closed industrial motor
  • NA5.2 reinforced wobble disc pump
  • 3 ceramic pistons and brass pump head
  • Foam sprayer for use of detergent on SC UNO 5M L
  • Accessory kit for immediate plug & play use

SC UNO 5M Basic also features:

  • Low pump oil safety function and warning lamp
  • Hour counter and service warning lamp
  • NEO control system; enabling optional functions: Remote control, low water safety etc.

SC UNO 5M- 200/1050
L 400/3/50 EU

Technical specifications

  • Model No
  • Weight (kg)
  • Length x width x height (mm)
  • Pump pressure (bar/MPa)
  • Cleaning impact (kg/force)
  • Water flow Qmax/Qiec (l/h)
  • Max. inlet temperature (°C)
  • Power consumption (kW)
  • Voltage/phase/frequency/current (V/~/Hz/A)
  • El cable (m)
  • Suction height dry (m)
  • Nozzle size
  • Ceramic pistons
  • Pump (RPM)
  • Suction height – primed (m)
  • Recommended avg. hours of use per day
  • Automatic start/stop
  • Detergent Canister 2,5 ltr
  • Robust steel chassis and frame
  • Full ceramic pistons
  • Wall mountable
  • Pump oil warning system
  • Hour Meter
  • Foam Sprayer
  • Pressure activated
  • Foam Cabinet, EPP

SC UNO 5M- 200/1050
L 400/3/50 EU


SC UNO Product Brochure
Operators Manual
Operators Manual
Operators Manual
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