Scrubtec 334 C

Productivity is high due to the sheer speed of the machine as it is sweeping, scrubbing and drying at the same time, moving both
forward and backward. Debris, dirt and even the smallest dust particles are removed effectively by the 34 cm cylindrical brush. For more in-depth cleaning without sweeping feature a microfiber roller can be used as option.

When cleaning, you can lift the front squeegee from the user position for easy pick-up of larger debris without having to stop. With two different solution flows you can adjust so it fits the cleaning task. Two simple ways to save time and cost without compromising on the result.

Technical Data

  • Brush Speed (Rpm)                                        1000

  • Brush Pressure (Kg)                                            12

  • Squeegee Width (mm)                                      340

  • Solution/Recovery Tank (L)                                6/6

  • Voltage (V)                                                          36

  • Power Consumption (W)                                   300

  • Weight (Kg)                                                         25


L x W x H (mm) – 630 x 425 x 400


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