Scrubtec 337.2

The SCRUBTEC 337.2 is equipped with a rotating deck and integrated squeegee enabling it to scrub and dry in all directions both forward and backward with the water kept inside while working. This feature saves time and effort making it easy to scrub and dry even the most inaccessible places such as behind shelves and between tables. The SCRUBTEC 337.2 is ideally suited for businesses such as car dealerships, gas stations, small shops, garages, etc. The low noise level makes it possible to clean in daytime even in noise-sensitive areas. Besides the unique manoeuvrability, the SCRUBTEC 337.2 also increases productivity by being extremely easy to operate and maintain. The compact design and foldable handle make the SCRUBTEC 337.2 easy to transport and store, even where space is limited.

Technical Data

  • Brush Speed (Rpm)                                        1200

  • Brush Pressure (Kg)                                            27

  • Squeegee Width (mm)                                      470

  • Solution/Recovery Tank (L)                            11/12

  • Voltage (V)                                                          12

  • Brush/Pad Diameter (mm)                          370/355

  • Weight (Kg)                                                         72


L x W x H (mm) – 175 x 350 x 240


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