Scrubtec R 6

The large 120 litre solution and recovery tanks allow more than 1 1/2 hours of continuous scrubbing without a dump and refill, combined with high down pressure (up to 96 kg on disc versions) this allows for efficient one pass cleaning. Solution sight tube indicates how much clean water remains in the tank. Featuring an open machine design, the operator can access the SCRUBTEC R 6 driver compartment from either the left or right and quickly modify seat position with simple no-tool adjustment. Offering best-in-class manoeuvrability and water pick-up, the SCRUBTEC R 6’s turning radius is ideal for cleaning in tight spaces, while its heavy-duty, fully adjustable, steel side skirts provide enhanced water containment. A large opening to the recovery tank allows for easy cleaning and tank access, plus the debris tray prevents large materials from entering the recovery tank.


Technical Data

  • Brush Speed (Rpm)                                           260

  • Brush Pressure (Kg)                                  39/65/96

  • Squeegee Width (mm)                                      826

  • Solution/Recovery Tank (L)                        120/120

  • Voltage (V)                                                          24

  • Brush/Pad Diameter (mm)                          355/355

  • Weight (Kg)                                                       246


L x W x H (mm) – 1540 x 820 x 1390


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