WV 380

The WV-380’s are, by design, wet or dry vacuum cleaners that perform totally without compromise in either mode.
We know full well that when you want to operate as a dry machine performance must be as good as a dry-only machine, with big filters and the option of giant Hepaflo disposable dust bags ensuring a high standard of operation.
Similarly, when required for wet work, a quick switch of the dry filter for the wet float valve and a change of floor nozzle will give you equally professional performance and a clean, dry floor at the end of it all.

Technical Data

  • Motor                            Twinflo bypass

  • Motor Power (W)                          1060

  • Airflow (l/s)                                        49

  • Capacity Dry (l)                                 15

  • Capacity Wet (l)                                  9

  • Voltage (V)                                      230

  • Weight (Kg)                                     8.6


L x W x D (mm) – 800 x 490 x 880

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